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General and Family Medicine Consultation

This primary health care consultation is focused on prevention, diagnosis, disease management, and the adoption of healthy lifestyle habits. It is also responsible for referring patients to other clinical specialties and coordinating with available community resources.

Clinic Team

Diogo Silva
General and Family Medicine Doctor
Carlos Paiva
General and Family Medicine Doctor
Laura Igreja
General and Family Medicine Doctor

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CNS Torres Vedras

Bairro de Santo António, N. 7
2560-280 Torres Vedras | PORTUGAL

(+351) 261 330 700

CNS Lisboa

Rua Carlos Alves, N. 5
1600-515 Lisboa | PORTUGAL

(+351) 210 548 640

CNS Braga

Av. 31 de Janeiro, nº 620

4710-452 Braga | PORTUGAL

(+351) 253 401 600