CNS Torres Vedras has a Sleep Unit where it is possible to diagnose and treat sleep pathology in a comprehensive way through Polysomnography.

Polysomnography is an examination performed at night, during your normal sleep period, that allows you to assess your sleep and where brain electrical activity, electrocardiogram, breathing, leg movements, and other activities are recorded.
Several complaints and sleeping disorders can be evaluated: insomnia, non-restorative sleep, behavioral changes during sleep, respiratory changes during sleep, nighttime epilepsy, involuntary movements during sleep, restless leg syndrome, excessive daytime sleepiness, sleepwalking, nighttime hallucinations.
CNS Torres Vedras has a clinical team with specialized neurologists in sleeping disorders treatment, inserted in a multidisciplinary treatment center, dedicated to neurological pathology. There are also other health care skills that can make the difference in improving sleep symptoms.
For more information and registration, please call 261 330 701 or write to clinicamedica@cnscampus.com.