How to bookmark a CNS Parkinson & Other Movement Disorders program?



The CNS intensive programs follow a multidisciplinary, personalized approach encompassing neurology, psychiatry, internal medicine, nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, psychology, and nutrition.

The CNS Parkinson & Other Movement Disorders program has three different modalities:
A 1-week program aimed at people with less than 5 years of illness, autonomous, with no history of falls.
A 2-week program aimed at people in the early stages of the disease, with an active life, who want to improve their functionality and quality of life.
A 4-week program aimed at people at an advanced stage of disease, with gait difficulties, a history of falls, and/or choking.

What do they include?
All programs include:
- Up to 40 sessions of rehabilitation
- Multidisciplinary clinical assessment in the first 24 hours
- Continuous care by the nursing team
- Daily care by the medical team (neurology and Internal medicine)
- Multidisciplinary clinical reassessment in the last 48 hours
- Home recommendations plan
- Meeting with the family to prepare for discharge

How can you book a CNS PD program?
Contact the CNS by email (unidadeinternamento@cnscampus.com), specifying the type of program you are interested in.

You will be required by the medical team to provide some clinical information to assess the suitability of the program. You will then be recontacted to confirm the type of program and the possible start dates.