CNS | Neurological Campus - Opening Ceremony

The formal inauguration of the new facilities of the CNS | Neurological Campus in Lisbon took place on April 1st.

These new facilities were built from scratch to provide healthcare and conduct research projects in the area of neurological diseases and fields of health associated with neurodegenerative diseases.

Several notable figures from the medical, scientific, and academic fields attended this ceremony. During the ceremony, two conferences were held on the potential of the brain to recover from diseases and on the best strategy to treat neurological diseases, respectively given by Prof. Marcelo Mendonça (Champalimaud Foundation) and Prof. Joaquim Ferreira (CNS and Lisbon University). The necessity of a multidisciplinary approach to investigate and treat these diseases, and to involve researchers and numerous health professionals, was emphasized.

Prof. Joaquim Ferreira (CNS Clinical Director) emphasized that everyone must cooperate for the benefit of a shared goal, which is to assist patients and their families, given the ambitious and challenging nature of the objectives.


> Watch here the video of the opening ceremony.