Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Functioning of Hospitalization and Medical Clinic

Outpatient clinic and home care

The CNS Homecare and CNS Online were created to respond to patients who have difficulty visiting the CNS.

The CNS offers neurorehabilitation sessions, medical consultations, and personalized multidisciplinary programs both at home and at distance (online).

For more information, please contact the Outpatient clinic or see our website (

To make an appointment please contact the Outpatient Clinic by telephone on the following number: 261 330 700.

Please contact the Outpatient clinic or the Lisbon Unit. The neurorehabilitation department will schedule an appointment with you.

During your initial appointment a program of weekly sessions, tailored to the patient’s needs, will be proposed.

For patients followed by the medical team at the CNS in Torres Vedras, all medication concerns (e.g. need for clarification or doubts) should be addressed by telephone (261 330 700) or e-mail (

Patients followed by the medical team at the CNS in Lisbon should contact the reception via telephone (211 325 573) or e-mail (

These requests will be forwarded to the relevant medical doctor.

All prescription requests must be made via telephone or e-mail and will be transferred to the relevant medical doctor.

In addition to the inpatient and outpatient programs, the CNS has a set of support services at home or at distance (online) to better respond to the needs of patients and their families.