Specialized appointment for the initial assessment of patients with complaints that suggest an underlying neurological disorder (affecting the brain, spinal cord, or peripheral nervous system).

Specialized appointment for the assessment, follow-up, and treatment of patients with Parkinson's disease or other movement disorders (Multisystem Atrophy, Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, Tics, Gilles de la Tourette's Syndrome, Gait Changes, Chorea, Hemifacial Spasm, Myoclonus, Stereotypies, Cerebral Palsy).

Specialized appointment for the identification and elimination of modifiable risk factors that contribute to the development of dementia.

Specialized appointment for the assessment, follow-up, and treatment of patients with Alzheimer's disease or other forms of dementia (Frontotemporal Dementia, Vascular Dementia, Dementia with Lewy Bodies).

Specialized appointment for the patient, as a whole, coordinating the different medical interventions with each other and contributing to better collaboration between the different specialties.

Specialized appointment for the assessment of people with memory defect complaints (forgetfulness).

Specialized appointment for the assessment, follow-up, and treatment of patients with essential tremor (familiar) and other forms of tremor.

Specialized appointment for the assessment, follow-up, and treatment of sleep disorder patients: insomnia, snoring, apnea, sleeping movements, or excessive daytime sleepiness (or tiredness).

Specialized appointment for the assessment, follow-up, and treatment of restless leg syndrome patients (with complaints of uncomfortable leg symptoms that get worse when lying or sitting down and feel an irresistible need to move the legs).

Specialized appointment for the follow-up and treatment of Multiple Sclerosis patients and other demyelinating diseases. This follow-up values the multidisciplinary aspects related to these patients’ treatment, particularly those in rehabilitation.

Specialist appointment for the assessment, follow-up, and treatment of muscular dystonia patients: blepharospasm (eye closure / excessive blinking), cervical dystonia, generalized dystonia including botulinum toxin treatment.

Specialized appointment for the assessment, follow-up, and treatment of Huntington's disease patients and other forms of chorea.

Specialized appointment for the selection, preoperative evaluation, and postoperative follow-up of undergoing surgery Parkinson's patients (deep brain stimulation). Follow- up includes specific rehabilitation programs for operated patients.

Specialized appointment on diseases of the locomotor system, namely bone, ligament, muscle, and peripheral nerve injuries.

Specialized appointment for the assessment, monitoring, and treatment of atypical parkinsonism such as Multiple System Atrophy (MSA), Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP), Lewy Body Dementia, and Corticobasal Degeneration.

Specialized appointment on the global approach to sexuality changes, including sexual dysfunction associated with neurological disorders.

General medical care with a focus on prevention, diagnosis, and management of the disease in the adult population, monitoring and managing health status in conjunction with other medical specialties and complementary care provided by other health professionals (nurses, physiotherapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists), nutritionists, psychologists).

Specialized appointment for family members or those caring for patients with neurological disorders.

The caregiver support appointment includes two main strands: providing information on the characteristics of the diseases and available therapeutic interventions and individual or group sessions to help deal with the stress factors and difficulties inherent in the task of caring.

Specialized appointment for the evaluation and planning of a suitable diet for each person, aiming to promote health through the implementation of the most suitable diet according to the disease characteristics.

Multidisciplinary appointment with a Speech Therapist and a Nutritionist in which swallowing (ability to chew and swallow) and nutritional status is evaluated. In this appointment a dietary plan is delivered, as well as an adjustment of the diet according to the nutritional needs and swallowing alterations.



Dra. Diana Miranda (CNS Torres Vedras e Lisboa)

Dra. Joana Malheiro (CNS Torres Vedras e Lisboa) 

Profª Drª Ana Teresa Madeira (CNS Lisboa)

Speech Therapists

Tp. Rita Cardoso (CNS Torres Vedras)

Tp. Helena Santos (CNS Lisboa)

Specialized appointment for the evaluation, follow-up, and treatment of psychiatric illness patients (depression, anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and other psychoses).

Specialized appointment for the assessment, follow-up and treatment of patients who have had a seizure (epileptic seizure) or previously diagnosed with epilepsy.

Specialized appointment for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of different skin pathologies and attachments (hair and nails). Includes screening for skin lesions in patients with an increased risk of cancer (e.g. Parkinson's disease).

Specialized appointment for the diagnosis and treatment of acute or chronic pain, regardless of its cause. The most common forms of chronic pain are low back pain, cervical pain (neck), joint pain (arthritis or arthrosis), and headaches.

Specialized appointment in physical exercise under specific and personalized guidelines for health promotion and disease prevention. Exercise programs may include activities such as walking, dancing, pool exercises, functional training, among others.

Specialized appointment in identifying and helping solve tasks that prevent the grieving process. It consists of helping adapt to loss, involving a series of tasks or phases so that emotional balance can be achieved.

Specialized appointment on nursing support for patients with neurological disorders, including care, counseling for patients, caregivers, and family members, medication management support (preparation and distribution of medication in leak-proof blisters, according to the patient's medication schedule), home support, and others.

Specialized appointment on gait analysis, diagnosis, and treatment of various diseases to minimize the risk of falls, injuries, or fractures, and improve mobility, balance, and quality of life.

Specialized appointment for the diagnosis and treatment of urological problems associated with neurological disorders (e.g. Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, Multisystem Atrophy, Alzheimer's Disease, etc.). It includes the diagnosis and treatment of urinary tract diseases, in both sexes, and male reproductive system diseases.

Specialized appointment for the assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of patients with vertigo complaints, imbalance, and tinnitus.

Specialized appointment for the assessment of cardiovascular disease risk factors (coronary heart disease, ischemic heart disease, and stroke) and implementation of preventive measures.