CNS Inpatient Unit offers the highest levels of comfort, security and privacy, and all facilities and services are equivalent to a superior hotel unit. All users have access to:

  • Specialized medical and nursing support services;
  • Rehabilitation programs, defined according to the medical problems and defined objectives;
  • Full hotel service (5 meals a day), with the possibility of roomservice;
  • Hygiene, image and personal comfort assisted care;
  • Emergency call 24h a day;
  • Supporting laundry services;
  • Sociocultural animation programs;
  • 25-channel TV with free Wi-Fi access;
  • Gymnasium;
  • Swimming-pool;
  • Library;
  • Cafeteria;
  • Internet room;
  • Living rooms;
  • Activity rooms;
  • Chapel;
  • Hairdresser;
  • Large outdoor spaces with maintenance circuits, amphitheater, therapeutic garden.

All the CNS spaces were designed to safely ensure all mobility.



The Neurological Campus provides the most complete service possible.

In addition to personalized medical care, the CNS also allows the patients to enjoy the most varied occupational therapeutic activities, with two main purposes. Firstly, they seek to occupy the patient. It is very important to keep the users interested by the surrounding environment and, therefore, the promotion of active aging is imperative. In addition, these sessions also seek to be a complement to therapeutic intervention, contributing to cognitive stimulation and maintaining / improving the patient's reasoning, concentration, reaction, oral, written and motor skills.

These sessions are planned weekly based on the patient's health conditions, tastes and preferences, as well as their limitations/needs.

Some examples of activities are:

  • Culinary Atelier;
  • Outdoor Activities (gardening, walking and various games);
  • Religious Activities (Mass and rosary);
  • Group Classes (with therapists);
  • Cinema therapy;
  • Reading Club;
  • Thematic Conversations;
  • Cognitive Challenges;
  • Creative Writing;
  • Dramatic Expression;
  • Plastic Expression;
  • Gerontomotricity (multitasking ball exercises);
  • Table Games (various);
  • Word Games;
  • Music Therapy;
  • Laughter Yoga.

The activities are adapted to festive days, regarding the time/season of the year.

Users have the possibility to enjoy at least one activity monthly (depending on weather conditions) outside the CNS: exhibitions, conferences, theater shows, visits to museums, trips to the beach, among others.